I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty

DVD - 2018
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A woman struggling with insecurity wakes from a fall believing she is the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet. Her new confidence empowers her to live fearlessly, but what happens when she realizes her appearance never changed?


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LoganLib_Aavishka Oct 12, 2018

A nice and funny comedy. I will say it was a romantic comedy but I feel that it was more of a inspiring comedy about finding yourself rather than falling in love, which I really liked. It was sweet and cute and filled with heart warming moments. Nice, enjoyable movie.

Oct 07, 2018

Nothing original, nothing funny, nothing to make this movie worth 110 minutes of my life, just the same old 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and 'self-confidence is sexy' platitudes in visual form.

Sep 29, 2018

I feel disappointed. Was a chick flick. Got to see Amy's undressed backside. Waited long time for this movie. Wonder how her uncle Chuck Schummer, Democratic leader feels about his nieces acting roles?

Sep 24, 2018

I Like Amy, real true feelings of most young girls & women in this world.

Sep 17, 2018

I had pretty low expectations about "I Feel Pretty" but did enjoy it somewhat. Story was definitely influenced by "Big" (with a tribute seen early in the movie) but without the supernatural element. The message (don't let society or others define you) overall was positive if a bit overdone. Amy Schumer is a talent and I would like to see her in a movie that really showcases what she is capable of. Oh, and it was fun seeing Lauren Hutton as the founder of the makeup company!

Sep 11, 2018

Schumer was dinked in "Snatched" and "Trainwreck" for vulgarity and raunchiness. Look it here, not a single F-word in the entire nearly 2 hour long film, a very funny social satire on happiness and "beauty." One of the better quote is from a Deleted scene in Special features: "You are the beauty you seek."

Aug 30, 2018

Just borrowed the Blue Ray from this library. Had an amazing set-up, and great beginning of the second act, but then at some point into the second act, it loses some momentum and gets boring but the third act picks up again and had a warm and fuzzy moment near the end. I did not laugh at all during the movie or find any scene that I would think is funny. It all seem silly and at times making the wrong message altogether in a way that's degrading rather than enlightening. Overall, if you like Megan Trainor music videos (i.e. "All about that Base"), or Kelly Clarkson "Invincible", then give it a shot.

For me, this movie is a change for the more intellectual or thrilling guy movies just to see something off the wall for a change, and it's great as "movie-break or reset".

Aug 28, 2018

It is what it is and reminded me of a reverse "Shallow Hal" where in this case Amy bumps her head and feels pretty. The humor is good and if you like Trainwreck you will like her in this although Trainwreck was more raunchy. It is fine for the genre.

I saw this movie in teatheres people laughed when she got her hair caught under her bike and eaen made my parents laughed when they saw the camceral on t.v nad i did too i saw this movie in the Sunrise store in the mall there were a lot of movies i saw in the store greaset showmen Truth or dare this is the very frist time i ever saw it and i haven't went to the mall in like forever and I saw the dvd I feel pritty i seen that movie too in teatheres Jumije welcome to the jungle i saw for the very frist time today too Mericale season MIdnight sun Read player one i wanted to put a hold on this movie it is a very good movie everyone laughed in teatheres when she said i look beauitful i thught it was wearid that she was puring the things at herslef and when she meets a boy she really really likes him and she is not embaresed to do things in front of him she evan walked up to him naked whlie he was in bed and i thought they will have the song Me Too by Megahn Tranior and she kind of remines me of Meghan tranior of how she looks i always try to remebert o tell my friends at school of what movies i see in theatheres but i always forget sometimes i remeber only sometimes thsi is the movie the hardest i have to remeber to tell but soon i remebered ad how she love to eat i barrow this dvd too just to watch it again everyone laughed when he asked a guy she worked with if they have wide shose and was emaburesd they laughed when a black guy asked if the girl that asked renee is ok she said yeah i thought it was just weard and they laughed when she had her pants ripped i just remeber now they put this song on live in the city Every day movie and i seen that in teathere too they laughed when a lady said ok so sizeing is a little untied in the store but you could probably find your size online people laughed i thought it was mean people laughed when a baby cried when she said hi then she told the lady a guy ran by it was weird when she said the should interact with each other he said i had sex last night people laughed i was alone she looks like Meghan Trainor in the movie teathere when i seen her she looked fimiler i said i know her from somewhere but i could 't remeber then coople weeks i knew her from the greatset showmen and she's from Oz the great and powerful when renee asked a guy she works with what .does he want a beget a whole beget people laughed hafe he said hafe beget thats not wearid they laughed i was surprised that she said to her friend she looks like Selena Gomez i have Selena Gomez Kiss and Tell cd Stars Dance CD with DVD Wizards of Waverly Place A year Without Rain CD with DVD .they laughed when he said she never showers 4 work i shower at night i'm waring a bathing suit bugs cause i never no undeies they laughed and he told her to say i am brave and i am blood they laughed i thought she didn't even notied it was a mirror in teatheres that was a mirror i said to my brother renee we kinds arn't at the sakicycle and she said ph my god hows your vergina people laughed i laughed heard noone should ask that i thought it was mean when a guy asked a black hared girl and said your probably wondering why am i not asking that perison that works here and they laughed how Renee looked arownd thinking it is someone else when hwe askfor dish soap renee said it's ilye ten were good here sir he said they laughed when a casher said man said could we get you to regester two she said i don't work here as i watched i knew where i watched that movie before but my brother said t.v called BIG then in the water she made a wish on the foundin she was beautiful and threw a cone and she was beautful the next day then she falls again when she went to the girls room she notied she lost whight everyone laughedwehn she said i'm beautiful made me laugh how a black girl made a face and sh e felt her abes and how she touched her boobs frsit her friends can't belive it's her soon they did.

Aug 23, 2018

The main message of this movie is ...Love yourself!

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Sep 12, 2018

I don't know what you came in here for today, but the miracle is already here! You just have to open up your heart and receive it! I want you to look into the mirror and visualize the change you came in here for. Is it spiritual?
Is it physical? Is it emotional? Today I want you to look in the mirror. You're not going to see what you normally see. Today you're going to see what you've always wanted to be. So, you ready to get your life? SoHo, are you ready to get your life? Change your life! Change your body! Change your life!

Sep 12, 2018

Well, with high-end products, we expect our customers to have high-end
makeup brushes. But regular girls put their blush on in the rearview, on the way to their crappy jobs. And they're going to be pissed when they open an $8.50 blush, and they have no way they can use it. Then you just wind up using your finger. You know, it never goes on right. Then you hit a bump, or you have an itch and you wind up looking like Braveheart.
Sorry, what, you've seen me holding these -- Pressed Juicery Greens -- 1.5.? So you got them in just for me?
-I've also seen you holding a lot of Brazilian models, but I didn't think they'd fit in the mini-fridge.

Do you have to say "diffusion" like that?
- Like what?
Like it means "low end"?
- It does mean "low end."
It also means "accessible." Or "thoughtfully priced." Say it like that.

Sep 12, 2018

Renee, the thing is, like, different kinds of men are looking for different things.
-Like, I mean, I know that my guy is going to be interested in the fact that I like true crime and inter-species animal friendships.
Well, only girls complain about things being a boys' club.
-Yes, good point, but I mean it's like a different breed of, like, boys' club. Like tattoos, C-class driver's licenses.
From what I can gather, just, you know, from my friends, those professionals at the makeup counter are actually a deterrent. There's these, like, beautiful statuesque women just staring at you, with your pimples and your asymmetrical face, and they just make you feel bad about yourself. I mean, it makes them feel bad about themselves. That's why these regular girls flock to the anonymous aisles of a big superstore. So they can just go in and buy their makeup without somebody standing there, making them just feel like they're not good enough. Like it's a waste of time to even try.

Sep 12, 2018

Uh, I think a lot of people are confused about themselves. They, like, obsess over whatever negative quality they perceive in themselves and they completely miss the thing that really makes them awesome.
-You, like, know who you are and you don't really care how the world sees you.
You're so yourself, too. I mean, you have no idea who you are.
-No, but you're honest about it. And it just makes me feel really, I don't know, close to you.
Yeah, it's called Zumba. It's pretty... Like a female workout. That's, like, a girl's...
- Is it?
-I don't... It's a workout.
I don't go to gyms...
- Oh, my God... 'cause I don't like all the machismo, so I go where the ladies go.
Oh, I get it. Not a big deal.
-Get what?
You're that guy. "Go to the gym to pick up chicks" guy.

Sep 12, 2018

And then what I realized is that I could eat whatever I want, and still look like this. Shout out to my genetic makeup.
I'm just saying that if we want to get into places like this... We don't really care about getting into places like that.
How do you do that?
-Do what? I don't know, have all of the confidence?
I wasn't always like that.
-And what changed?
I started to really believe that if I wanted it bad enough, all my dreams could come true. And they are. You know?
I think that most luxury brands get it so wrong when they try to make a diffusion line. They treat it more aspirational, when it really needs to be... Functional. And practical and real. I mean, these women, they know who they are, and they just... They're proud to be bargain hunters.
Are you shopping for a gift?
-Oh, no, just kind of browsing for me.
Okay. Um... So sizing is a little limited here in the store, but you could probably find your size online.

Sep 12, 2018

It sounds like you are saying you got dumped. Someone said to you, "I don't want to see you anymore. Ever again. I don't want to have sex with you again." Somebody has told you... You got dumped?
- Can you stop saying "dumped."
Of course, I'm sorry. I... I just assumed that you wouldn't have to deal with stuff like that.
-What? 'Cause of my body.
Or something like... Your body, your whole head. Do you have every rib that I have? Everything really worked out for you. Where even are your organs?
I really want to be here for the ant removal. I don't want them to remove the ones I like.
My God, Viv, nobody cares about the profile. No one even looks at the profile. The picture is all that matters, and you get a picture of yourself and you feel, like, really good about it and you hide your double chin, you hide your acne, and you hide your cellulite. And then when the guy meets you in person, he's, like, so disappointed.

Sep 12, 2018

Look, why do you think everyone cares what you look like? Like, we're your friends because you were fun and funny and kind. And then I don't know
what happened.
People think that we are elitists who do not belong at Target, and they may be right. But when people walk into this office, I want them to see that Lily LeClaire includes everyone. Even bargain shoppers.
What if we didn't care about how we looked? Or how we sounded? What if we never lost that little-girl confidence? What if when someone tells us that we aren't good or thin or pretty enough, we have strength and the wisdom
to say what I am is better than all of that? Because what I am is me! I'm me! And I'm proud to be me! And if you ever get the chance to hang out with me or my friends, my amazing, perfect friends...

Sep 12, 2018

I've always wondered what it feels like to be just undeniably pretty. And just have all those parts in life open up to you that you only get to experience
when you look like you. Just once... I mean... I don't think that this mascara
or Wet n Wild bronzer can do that kind of heavy lifting. So... I'll just pray for a miracle.
When we're little girls, we have all the confidence in the world. We let our
bellies hang out, and... And we just dance and play and pick our wedgies.
And then these things happen that just... They make us question ourselves. Somebody says something mean to you on the playground, and then we grow up, and you doubt yourself over and over again until you lose
all that confidence. All that self-esteem, all that faith you started with is gone.

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Monica_Diana_Czekirda thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 26 and 18

Jul 19, 2018

HKMar thinks this title is suitable for 18 years and over

May 16, 2018

Lucik32 thinks this title is suitable for 14 years and over


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i think this movie is only for 14 ages or 18 they laughed when Renee said that vive was showing off in gr 8 h


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