Oct 22, 2021InnisfilTeenReads rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
To be honest, the movie only got a middling rating from me. The trailer looked so cool and I thought those two giants were actually going to fight each other and that there would be a final winner… It turned out a little different. It is the two titans fighting each other, and there are four fights, but the first one doesn’t count. Kong was in the water and so of course he easily lost. The next two fights take place in Hong Kong, but to me, the setting still felt like it gave one an unfair advantage. Godzilla is a giant, hard-skin lizard who basically breathes fire, while Kong is basically a huge, exceptionally strong monkey. So they have these three fights, and then viewers have to wait until the end, listen to all this character dialog, and then the director gives you and ending that wasn’t what you’d expect. The final fight just looked disappointing. It could have been better; I was just bored as I watched. It wasn’t exactly what I expected and it was still a GOOD movie, but could have 100% been better. It’s not on my re-watch list. This movie was basically the remake of the old "King Kong vs. Godzilla" and I would only recommend it to people who haven’t watched this movie, and haven’t watched the characters’ own movies. (Godzilla King of The Monsters, Kong Skull Island). - Mateo